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Looking after your X-Splash Wash Bay

The X-Splash may look after your equipment, keeping it at the highest efficiency by removing all dirt, mud and contaminates. However, it is also really important for the X-Splash to be looked after too!

Cleaning your X-Splash should be done at least once per year and ordering genuine spare parts and service kits will keep it clean and ready to go!

Here are 5 steps to keeping your X-Splash squeaky clean:
- Regular maintenance involves putting 1 x 20g chlorine tablet into the chlorine float in the final section of the recycled water tanks;
- Wash the solids off the base of the X-Splash along to the collection tanks;
- Remove mud and dirt from the collection tanks at the back of the X-Splash, (dependent on the amount of mud cleaned off). We recommend doing this little and often, rather than waiting until the tanks are full of mud, which can ruin the flow the water. The final filter plate should also be cleaned before the suction point whilst this is being done.
- Inspect and clean the filter mats in the recycled water chambers, and replace the final filter
– dependent on amount of solids – once per year;
- Finally, dependent on the amount of solids going through the system, fully drain and refill the X-Splash once per year.



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