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X-Splash Q&A

Q. How often does it need to be cleaned out?
A. That would depend on how often the X Splash is used and how much Hydro-carbons and solid waste is washed off the equipment that is cleaned on the washdown area, the more often they system is used and the higher the amount of contaminated waste intercepted by the system, the more often they system will need cleaning, our motto is “Little and often” rather that waiting until the system is at capacity and then cleaning it out. If the system is being used infrequently, we would still recommend a clean and service at least once every 12 months.]

Q. What happens to the water in winter?
A. We recommend that the X Splash system is partially drained using the drain tap underneath the main pressure pump, at the end of each working day, when the weather suggests there may be frost overnight, this will prevent any damage to the pump or filter.

Q. What size X-Splash should I get?
A. That would depend on the largest piece of equipment you would like to clean in the system, the most popular X Splash 2 has a wash area of 3 x 3 metres and a maximum weight capacity of 5 Tons, this is suitable for most small plant & tool hire operations, larger wash areas are available if required.

Q. Can I put it inside my premises?
A. The X Splash system can be used inside buildings as they are completely self-contained and require no discharge facilities. - Do I need an interceptor tank? A. An interceptor Tank is not required, as in normal operation the only overflow from the system would be recycled water, which would be free from Solids and Hydro-Carbon contamination.




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